Terry Allison

Health and Wellness is a segment in a person’s life that often gets ignored. It is not that we don’t think health and wellness are unimportant, but we often neglect this area of our life, because we try to handle what life throws at us. We have become reactionary instead of being proactive. I know I have.

I was in my best shape, when I was 35, weighing a solid 195 pounds. I have no idea what my body fat was, but looking back I know it was pretty low. It was about this time that I started pastoral ministry and a life of seminary study. It was at this time that I spent less time exercising and had many more church potlucks!

Over time, and a move to Kentucky, I was diagnosed with asthma. With the move to Kentucky, I got more involved with my post-graduate studies and spent very little time in the gym. Of course, my weight exploded to 300 pounds, and my primary healthcare provider put me on a couple different medicines, for thyroid and acid-reflux.

When Now Lifestyle started, it helped me to think about my out-of-control weight. Even though I knew I needed to start an exercise program, I had a mind-battle. It is always tough to get started with a new habit, but with the asthma diagnosis my mind kept making excuses for not getting started, like I am not feeling too well, or I do not have the time! When I finally got my mind right and committed to exercise, everything started to change. I started losing weight and feeling a whole lot better!

The videos in the Now Lifestyle program have helped me to win battles in my mind with weight control and finances!

If you are anything like me and have these mind battles, this may be the program for you to get your life in order in weight control and finances.

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Terry Allison